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I am developing an application Object Spy for my project which will inspect the elements of webpage. Application is similar to inspect element functionality present in FireBug or Chrome Developers Tool. The application will allow the user to select element using click event. Click event will provide details (name, tag, id, Xpath) of selected html element. We have decided to implement it using WPF web-browser control.

WPF Web-browser control supports all the features expect pop-up window where Parent and child window relation exist. Some of the secure sites has pop-up windows, where to access the child window you must have parent window opened. I want inspect the elements of pop-up window.

I have tried it using 2 WPF webbrowser controls where parent window is opened in webbrowser1 and child window (i.e pop-up) is opened in webbrowser2. I am getting error due to JavaScript. If I navigate to a page that needs to access it's opener, it gets a JavaScript error.

To resolve this issue I had gone through following sites.

For Eg. http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/13598/Extended-NET-2-0-WebBrowser-Control

NewWindow3 event on extended WebBrowser

Open link in new TAB (WebBrowser Control)


All are providing solution by extending winform web-browser control or hooking NewWindow3 event. I am looking for a solution which can be implemented using WPF web-browser control or is there any different approach to resolve this issue?

Thanks Sind

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