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I'm having a situation that is getting kind of annoying with asp.net web api. The thing is i have an API which is already in production, however I'm constantly making changing and deploying again.

I have a filter, which takes care of checking if the request is https, that works awesome on production, but when requests are local the filter blocks all http requests, which is not what I want. I would like to allow local requests with http. I have a filter which does the exact same thing on MVC3, and I can do something like:


Is there any work around to this problem?

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why's you don't access from localhost using https? –  Cuong Le Aug 7 '12 at 17:00
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if you are using webhost i.e hosting webapi in asp.net, you can access the HttpContext using

HttpContextBase httpContextBase;
request.Properties.TryGetValue("MS_HttpContext", out httpContextBase);

You can then use httpContextBase.Request.IsLocal to determine if the request is local.

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You can use an extension method to access the value within the Request.Properties Dictionary. For example:

public static class HttpRequestExtensions
   public static bool IsLocal(this HttpRequestMessage request)
       var flag = request.Properties["MS_IsLocal"] as Lazy<bool>;
       return flag != null && flag.Value;

This has the added benefit of also working when self-hosting.

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