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I am working on a rails web app, currently focusing on the mobile design and would like to view html screens I have developed in the mobile chrome browser on my Galaxy Nexus (running Jelly Bean).

On my MacBook Pro I am able, obviously, to run a local server and view the site on my machine via LocalHost:3000 url. Would it be possible to complete some network configuration on my phone/macbook pro to view the Local Host site on my phone when its running on my machine? Could Chrome Dev Tools be leveraged in anyway?



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Why can't you just http://yourMachinesHostNameOrIP/ (or http://yourMachinesHostNameOrIP:3000/ if that's the port you're running on). Have you checked your firewall isn't blocking that port? –  Jon Hanna Aug 7 '12 at 15:53
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On your mac go open your network preferences (click the wifi signal at the top). Find the ip address of the network you are currently connected to. In the browser of your phone, type in that ip address and append :3000 to the end of it

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