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When I am looking at a method in eclipse java, how do I jump to the method it overrides/extends?

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Three ways to go about it.

Hyperlink Method (Mouse + Keyboard)

Press CTRL while hovering over the overriden method.

You should see an option called 'Open Super Implementation. Click it !

From here :

enter image description here

Keyboard shortcut

And for bonus points, you can setup a Keyboard shortcut to do this like so :

enter image description here

When you try to setup a keyboard shortcut, you may filter by typing Open Super Im. On my Eclipse Indigo three matches were found. I tried setting them one by one until the shortcut appeared in Navigate -> Open Super Implementation like so :

enter image description here

Mouse only - Using the vertical Ruler

enter image description here

Click the ovverride marker that appears in the Vertical Ruler as in the above snapshot.

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mille grazie, this is great! – Hartmut Dec 8 '14 at 2:41

On the left edge of the editor there is a small triangle symbol next to the overwritten method. The tooltip tells you which superclass you are overwriting, clicking it leads you to the corresponding method.



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(Indigo Release) Put cursor on the method name and press CTRL+T to jump to the types list, from there you can jump to the super method. If you then click CTRL+T again it expands the supertype hierarchy.

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This does not seem to work for me !! The quick type hierarchy only shows the sub-types and not the super-types ! – Ashutosh Jindal Aug 7 '12 at 16:16
I added, try ctrl+t again directly it should expand properly. This was for the Indigo release that I am using. – andreas Aug 7 '12 at 20:21

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