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This works:

            key: 'dsfdwerwersf53534dfsfse3', 
            image: '' 
        function( data ) { console.log( data.upload.links.original ); }

When I run this in Chrome's console, imgur sends me the url of the uploaded image right away: Excellent.


Now I'm try the same thing on the server-side using node.js but it doesn't work:

        express = require( 'express' )
    ,   app = express.createServer()
    ,   request = require( 'superagent' );

    app.get( '/', function( req, res ) {
            .post( '' )
            .send( { key: 'dsfdwerwersf53534dfsfse3', image: '' } )
            .end( function( data ) {
                console.log( data.upload.links.original );

    app.listen( '8080' );

When I run the node.js app, imgur sends back this response:

text: '{"error":{"message":"No API key was sent, and no user is authenticated","request":"\\/2\\/upload.json","method":"post","format":"json","parameters":"image = {\\"key\\":\\"dsfdwerwersf53534dfsfse3\\",\\"image\\":\\"http:\\/\\/\\/UH17u.png\\"}"}}',

The key part is this: No API key was sent. Why isn't imgur recognizing the key I'm sending with the POST?

I've tried using both request and superagent modules. I feel silly not being able to figure out why something so simple isn't working. Appreciate any pointers.

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jQuery does sometime so much magie that it is hard to see it.

Here I'd bet two thing either, I have not used superagent in month and I had stupid error like this one that made me sad.

But here I bet that the body is a to string at best a json or your object. JQuery by default urlencode just like most API want the POST body to be. Use

var = require('querystring');
.send(qs.encode({ key: '...', image: '...' }))
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You did in 30 seconds what I couldn't do in 4 hours. Worked like a charm, thanks mate. – vjk2005 Aug 7 '12 at 16:38
I've lost those 4hours before on that stupid thing. – 3on Aug 7 '12 at 16:48

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