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I have a AudioUnit Reverb in a Audio Unit graph and it processes the audio data well (nice reverberated sound in the speakers). But I am having trouble settings the parameters of the effects. The only paraemter I can set is the DryWet setting. The other ones fails to be modified.

So the following works: AudioUnitSetParameter(reverbUnit,kAudioUnitScope_Global,0,kReverb2Param_DryWetMix,50,0);

But not these ones:

AudioUnitSetParameter(reverbUnit,kAudioUnitScope_Global,0,kReverb2Param_DecayTimeAt0Hz,4.0,0); AudioUnitSetParameter(reverbUnit,kAudioUnitScope_Global,0,kReverb2Param_DecayTimeAtNyquist,4.0,0); AudioUnitSetParameter(reverbUnit,kAudioUnitScope_Global,0,kReverb2Param_Gain,3.0,0); AudioUnitSetParameter(reverbUnit,kAudioUnitScope_Global,0,kReverbParam_FilterBandwidth,3.0,0); AudioUnitSetParameter(reverbUnit,kAudioUnitScope_Global,0,kReverbParam_FilterGain,3.0f,0);

I have seen a post ( that refers to the same problem but could not work out a solution.

Any help? Many thanks.


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yes, this confused me at first. the second argument is the id of the parameter,3rd is scope. so:

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Thanks a lot. Another bizarre feature of Core audio. It now works well. Cool! –  André Aug 9 '12 at 21:29

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