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I have a textbox that's linked to a jquery event handler like this:


   mouseenter: ....
   mouseleave: ....
   blur: ....
   keyup: function() { HandlerForKeyUp($(this)); } ,
   change: function() { HandlerForKeyUp($(this)); } 

}, '.MyTextBoxes');

Basically, HandlerForKeyUp is a function that shows a counter of the number of letters in the textbox. It works fine when the user is typing.

However, if I write this:


the HandlerForKeyUp function doesn't trigger, even thought I have the change event mapped out in the .on handler and SomeTextBox is of class MyTextBoxes and reacts to all other events. Basically, if the user types the counter works but if I set the value of the textbox at runtime the counter function doesn't trigger.

Any idea on how I could change this?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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If You do it in Your code, you may just invoke tthe handling function manually after data is changed. –  Lukasz M Aug 7 '12 at 16:35
Try triggering any of the events you've bound with api.jquery.com/trigger after the val update. –  j08691 Aug 7 '12 at 16:36

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You need to fire the change event manually.


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ok, this is works, thanks. –  frenchie Aug 7 '12 at 16:38
Since .change was designed to capture the change event and trigger the same function as the .keyup event, I just removed .change and wrote $('#SomeTextBox').val(SomeValue).keyup(); Thanks for the suggestion! –  frenchie Aug 7 '12 at 16:45

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