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I have a large text file of horribly capitalized text and duplicates. I used PowerShell to remove duplicates and to make everything lowercase. Now, I'd like to capitalize the first letter of each word. To do this, I used the following;

$var = (Get-Content "C:\FilePath")

This works like a charm, BUT the output goes from being a string on each line to a huge blob of run on text. I am at a loss to format this, Select-Object, Sort, Export-Csv all failed to help me. Is there someway to keep the strings from blobing together?

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$var is an array, so you can process it as an array:

$var = (Get-Content "C:\FilePath")
foreach ($line in $var) {
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Worked like a charm! Though it did through an empty pipe error. I think that's because I can't capture an output stream? Anyway, That was fixed by making it a variable. THANKS! – Steve Aug 7 '12 at 17:22

For performance reasons I would save a reference once to the text info (insted of calling Get-Culture for each line) and use it inside a foreach loop:

$textInfo = (Get-Culture).TextInfo
Get-Content C:\FilePath | Foreach-Object {  $textInfo.ToTitleCase($_) }
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