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int value=Convert.int32.TryPase(textbox2.text, out Number);

this is my code i want to get input from user using "textbox" but this code dosent work.

please tell me how to get input from user in an int value.(c# gui)

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TryPase first this method is called TryParse, then it returns bool. So what your code should look like:

int value;
if (!Convert.Int32.TryPase(textbox2.text, out value))
   //Show error
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Yes Andrey is correct. There are some other ways to do this as well, that don't use a boolean

int value = Convert.ToInt32(textbox2.Text);
int value = Int32.Parse(textBox2.Text);
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int value;
if (Int32.TryParse(textbox2.Text), value)
    // display error

See also: How to: Convert a string to an int (C# Programming Guide)

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