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I'm writing eclipse plugin that looks for unresolved imports in all source files. I found that it can be helpful to use IProblem or IMarker objects. Here's code example

public IMarker[] findJavaProblemMarkers(ICompilationUnit cu) 
  throws CoreException {
  IResource javaSourceFile = cu.getUnderlyingResource();
  IMarker[] markers = 
        true, IResource.DEPTH_INFINITE);

frome here

I don't know how I can get info from IProblem or IMarker about which import cause the compilation problem (unresolved import).

Any help?

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There are a list of different int values in the IProblem interface representing different errors; if you could get the errorcodes of a file somehow, you could use them. (Example, ImportNotVisible, ImportNotFound, etc.). Just check if the error ID matches one of the error ID's for import failures there.

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But how I can get info about error from IMarker? IMarker has getId() method, but it's completly other number than IProblem.ImportNotFound. –  bontade Aug 8 '12 at 12:24
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An IMarker knows the line number and start and stop chars for the java source marked by the IMarker. You can take the substring of the java source string and, if the marker type indicates that it's a problem with the class or import, you can search the project's classpath for a class or package matching (or similar to) that substring.

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If this didn't solve your problem please let me know and I'll delete the answer. I don't want to confuse future readers. –  Chris Gerken Aug 15 '12 at 18:41
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