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I am currently trying to return a model from onSubmit() in my controller. I then am trying to retrieve this in my jsp.

for example

Map model = new HashMap();
model.put("errors", "example error");
return new ModelAndView(new RedirectView("login.htm"), "model", model);

and then retrieving it with

<c:out value="${model.errors}"/>

However this does not display anything. it goes to the correct redirectview and does not issue any errors, but the text is not displayed.

Any help will be much appreciated.


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What RedirectView does is sending a redirect header to the browser so browser does a complete reload of the page, as a result model does not get carried over there (as it is handled now by login controller with its own model).

What you can do is pass errors through request attributes:

In your


Then instead of RedirectView return:

request.setAttribute("errors", "example errors");
return new ModelAndView("loginController");

And in your login controller check for this attribute and add it to the model.

Update: Without using

request.setAttribute("errors", "example errors");
return new ModelAndView(new InternalResourceView("/login.htm"));

OR you can add (another) internal view resolver to your App-servlet.xml (Note from API: When chaining ViewResolvers, an InternalResourceViewResolver always needs to be last, as it will attempt to resolve any view name, no matter whether the underlying resource actually exists.):

<bean id="viewResolver2"

And then just use:

request.setAttribute("errors", "example errors");
return new ModelAndView("/login.htm");
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apologies, i am very new to spring mvc and indeed webapps in general. I have added the above suggestions but I get the following error The requested resource (/example/WEB-INF/jsp/loginController.jsp) is not available. This comes from the view resolver that I have configured. – smauel Jul 26 '09 at 19:19
I updated the answer with simple solution (first one assumed you are using for resolving views) – serg Jul 26 '09 at 20:30

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