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I have a node app with a package.json file declaring my dependencies.

I've run npm install to install those deps to a local node_modules folder, and when I run my app, everything works great.

The problem is when I try to spike out some new functionality by firing up the node REPL:

$ node           
> require('hubot');
Error: Cannot find module 'hubot'

In the REPL, it doesn't seem to know to look inside node_modules. Is this expected behavior, or is hubot weird?

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are you running your REPL from the right directory? You need to run it from the root of your project (the parent folder of node_modules). –  rdrey Aug 7 '12 at 18:06
yep. same dir as package.json & node_modules. –  adamesque Aug 7 '12 at 19:09

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You can set the env variable NODE_DEBUG to see the paths that are tried by node:

export NODE_DEBUG=module
> require('toto')
Module._load REQUEST  toto parent: repl
looking for "toto" in ["/Users/laurent/repl/node_modules","/Users/laurent/node_modules","/Users/node_modules","/node_modules","/lusr/local/bin/node","/Users/laurent/.node_modules","/Users/laurent/.node_libraries","/usr/local/lib/node"]
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