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I'm new to google charts and can't seem to figure out how i would do something of the following:

I want to make a data table that has my xcord,ycord,legendlabel. I'm trying the following:

var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([]);   



            data.addRows([[150, 10,"workoutA"],
                          [300, 2,"workoutB"], //format [xcord,ycord,legendlabel] 


However, it isn't working obviously because we have two different types, number and string.

Is there a way i can specify the xcord, ycord then have a label for this point, then if there are multiple labels that are the same it forms a line graph?

Thanks in advance guys!

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With a line chart each data line has to have a value for every point on the domain or else the line will be broken, What you want is a scatter chart

Then data for you graph should look something like this:

var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([]);   


    [150, 10, null],
    [300, null, 2,]

you will want to set the lineWidth to see the trending curve

chart.draw(data, {
    lineWidth: 2,
    vAxis: {title: "reps"},
    hAxis: {title: "weight"}
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