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So I am using the omnibox in my extension, and after a user enters something in the omnibox, it becomes part of the extensions "history" (which would be a nice feature). However, when the history entry is clicked on, it goes to "chrome-extension//?q=, and that returns an Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). Is there any way to remedy this situation, either by allowing this to act as it did the first time, or just by disabling the history?

EDIT: so it turns out one cannot inject content scripts into chrome-extensions (even though the documentation says you can (they're fixing this hopefully)

Any other advice is still appreciated, but I've become less hopeful that this can be done.

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Can you post the code that your omnibox integration is using as well as your manifest.json file? –  Steven Jul 28 at 21:03

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