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The website layout is a simple design: left navigation bar that contains hundreds of items in lists and sublists; the right side is the main content that displays the info for each item.

I have searched over and over for ways to implement this design but each method seems have its problems on its own:

ssi: very elegant solution but I'm concerned about loading of the navi bar, which contains hundreds of items. Does the large quantity make it a bad choice? but I read that once the bar is loaded, it's stored on the client machine cache. so I shouldn't be worried about loading time? (it loads unnoticeably anyways)

ajax: complicated (some problem with style). 2 issues: First, I can't use the back button. The content div loads a script for each item, but these pages don't leave any history to go back to. The solution is a JQuery history (or hashchange.event) pluggin - complications Second, the information loaded with ajax won't be searchable?

iframe: it's kind of a frame, though not really? Should I dislike it since frames are already deprecated? Also the content iframe has a scroll bar that's right next to the parent page scroll bar-- doesn't look too good.

In short, I just want to know which is the best solution for my case? ssi seems the least problematic, should I just go with that?

Much obliged

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SSI = server-side include. It is server-side, meaning it is NOT cached by the client. –  Diodeus Aug 7 '12 at 19:06
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