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I am trying to set up Swiftmailer to send out a personalised newsletter.

I have got most things working (I think): I have the headers and the body all set up, and SMTP authentication working. I get down to RCPT OK = 250 and DATA = 354 in the SMTP ‘conversation’, and then of course Swiftmailer starts to go through the body content as it’s supposed to.

But at that point it gets no further; instead, it gives me this error:

Fatal error: Interface 'Swift_CharacterReader' not found in
/home/swift/lib/classes/Swift/CharacterReader/Utf8Reader.php on line 19

Now, Utf8Reader.php defines a class Swift_CharacterReader_Utf8Reader which implements the interface Swift_CharacterReader
—which is defined in /home/swift/lib/classes/Swift/CharacterReader.php. But for some reason, it seems that Utf8Reader.php is being included and the class attempted instantiated somewhere where CharacterReader.php is not (yet) available/included.

So the problem for me now is that SwiftMailer consists of about five bazillion files, and despite quite a bit of searching back and forth, I cannot find out where the call/inclusion might be coming from.

Has anyone else hit their heads against this problem and perhaps know where to look for a solution?

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It appears this is simply a bug in Swiftmailer 4.2.1.

Downloaded version 4.2.0, and it immediately worked. Or at least, it didn’t give me any errors, but gave me this:

<< 250 OK id=1Sz8VI-0002Zb-K1 
++ Stopping Swift_SmtpTransport
>> QUIT 
<< 221 closing connection 
++ Swift_SmtpTransport stopped

– which looks like the e-mail was accepted and sent off.

Unfortunately, it’s still not arriving. But that’s a different matter. The interface problem appeared to be just a bug.

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