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i'm trying to build a game in xna, i got a circle which i want the player to move around it, as you can see in the following picture, its working great except the drawing part which i'm not pleased with here's a link to an image http://s12.postimage.org/poiip0gtp/circle.png

i want to center the player object to the edge of the circle so it won't look like the player is standing on air

this is how i calculate the position of the player

rad = (degree * Math.PI / 180);
            rotationDegree = (float)((Math.PI * degree) / 180);
            currentPosition.X = (float)(Math.Cos(rad) * Earth.radius + (GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Width / 2));
            currentPosition.Y = (float)(Math.Sin(rad) * Earth.radius + (GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Height / 2));

and this is how i draw the player

spriteBatch.Draw(texture,currentPosition, null, Color.White,rotationDegree, Vector2.Zero,1f,SpriteEffects.None, 1f);

thank you.

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Use the origin overload for spritebatch. Which is where the sprite is drawn according to the position.

Spritebatch.Draw(texture,Position, null,Color.White,0f,new Vector2(texture.Width / 2,texture.Height /2),1f,SpriteEffects.None, 0);

Using texture.Width / 2,texture.Height /2 for origin will center it.

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It looks like what you want to do here is adjust the sprite's origin, which is the vector that you're passing into SpriteBatch.Draw(). This is used to determine the "center point" of your sprite; {0, 0} represents the sprite's upper-left corner, while {spriteWidth, spriteHeight} represents the bottom-right corner. Your sprite will be positioned and rotated relative to this origin.

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