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I would like to generate encrypt data and send it from http://localhost:8888/A/B to http://localhost:8888/C/D in json format.

What is the best way possible? Users will be using only http://localhost:8888/A/B, so when ever a request comes in for a http://localhost:8888/A/B a hash key will be generated and sent to http://localhost:8888/C/D where the database query will happen before doing that it has to decrypt the data and check if the user is a valid one.

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Use cURL to send any data anywhere. It is very flexible and configurable for any case. You can use either POST or GET methods to send data.

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you're referencing two different things.. hashing != encrytping. Hashing is one way, whereas encrytpion is two directional. use an ajax call to a codeigniter controller.

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