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How do you support optimistic / pessimistic concurrency using NHibernate?

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NHibernate, by default, supports optimistic concurrency. Pessimistic concurrency, on the other hand, can be accomplished through the ISession.Lock() method.

These issues are discussed in detail in Chapter 10: Transactions and Concurrency of the Hibernate Docs.

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Thanks Jon for the quick reply :-) –  Kevin Pang Sep 23 '08 at 1:05
Transactions and Concurrency docs now here: nhforge.org/doc/nh/en/index.html#transactions –  Mauricio Scheffer Aug 10 '10 at 15:34

NHibernate supports 2 types of optimistic concurrency.

You can either have it check dirty fields by using "optimistic-lock=dirty" attribute on the "class" element in your mapping files or you can use "optimistic-lock=version" (which is also the default). If you are using version you need to provide a "version" element in your mapping file that maps to a field in your database.

Version can be of type Int64, Int32, Int16, Ticks, Timestamp, or TimeSpan and are automatically incremented on save. See Chapter 5 in the NHibernate documentation for more info.

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Chapter 5 of the docs now here: nhforge.org/doc/nh/en/index.html#mapping –  Mauricio Scheffer Aug 10 '10 at 15:35

You can also 'just' manually compare the version numbers (assuming you've added a Version property to your entity).

Clearly Optimistic is the only sane option. Sometimes of course, we have to deal with crazy scenarios however...

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