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I am getting website developed here:

It shows an error in IE browser only in the status bar saying 'Done but with errors'. website is built with Joomla and mootools and jquery is being used. There seems to be a conflict but we are unable to resolve.

The current developer is having problem with mootools-compressed.js file and the erros description is as below:

TypeError:$(filter) || document).getElementsBySelector is not a function

Is there any way we can suppress or disable these warnings through code from showing in IE status bar?

Any help is much appreciated.


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There is two solutions:

  • You find the conflict and resolve it.

  • You rely only on jQuery OR Mootools, not both.

Even if the less libraries you load the best it is, you probably can resolve your conflict by using jQuery() selector instead of $() everywhere you use jQuery. This should work. If you use jQuery plugins, make sure you replace the selector to jQuery() there too.

Hope it helps...

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Use a try {} catch () {} statement.

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I don't know why my answer was down voted. Using a try...catch statement will indeed suppress the errors. It won't solve the errors, but that wasn't the question. – Micah Henning Aug 9 '12 at 19:30

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