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When presenting a Foursquare venue in my application, I would like to show a image of each venue that is a good representation of the place - the kind of photo that the management might use for advertising or you might see in a review of the restaurant. This is generally a wide shot of the interior. Many venue photos in foursquare are unsurprisingly of groups of people and give little idea about the 'feel' of the place. Has anyone worked out a good way to get more generally representative photos? It would be specifically useful to get photos that have been provided by the venue management.

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I assume you can only do this on "claimed" venues... otherwise would be a wild goose chase – raulriera Aug 18 '12 at 0:42
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Currently there is no way to distinguish photos uploaded by the venue manager and any other user. You can however, distinguish photos made by friends of a venue. photos made by other people and photos made by a specific person.

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