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I am creating an app and need the user to select an activity. I want them to be able to search through the activities as there are a lot in the list. I want to just have a search bar on the main view,(with placeholder text that says select activity.) When they click in the search bar, I want a table view to appear with the list of activities, and then I want them to be able to search the table view. I know how to do the search features of the search bar but I don't know how to make it pull up the table view, or how to dismiss the table view after they select one. And I want it to display the name of the activity in a label after it is dismissed. Any suggestions will help.


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have you considered instantiating the UITableView via code and adding it to your view hierarchy via addSubview? Then later removing it view removeSubview? – CSmith Aug 7 '12 at 20:58
@CSmith I am new to programming, so no. I am mainly just looking for the easiest way to do this...Could you provide some sample code or more information? – user1450221 Aug 7 '12 at 21:04

You should use UISearchDisplayController it makes things much easier.
It manage the second UITableView so you don't need to do it yourself.
To dismiss the search table view when ever you want, call - [mySearchController setActive:NO];

Take a look at those tutorials

Implementing A Basic Search with UISearchDisplayController and Interface Builder

UISearchDisplayController with NSPredicate

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