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Looking for some general direction here. This is currently way out of my league, but I hope to get there eventually. My background is PHP/Javascript/CSS.

I'd like create a web-based audio editor, similar to the following examples:

http://soundation.com/studio http://advanced.aviary.com/tools/audio-editor

I'm not even certain where to start, so I'll just start asking questions. Please give any feedback/guidance you may have.

These are both flash-based tools. Without knowing much about flash development, I'm guess that these were not created completely in flash (please correct me if wrong). If so, would one way of going about doing this be to create an application written in a desktop language like C# or VB.net that integrates into flash?

Also, would flash be the best interface for something like this? Might HTML5 be an option or anything else be an option?

Any other guidance would be appreciated. I'm starting from almost zero knowledge. Thanks.

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Precisely control audio or process large amount of audio is still a poor solution for HTML 5, it is not quite a standard, and even leader like Chrome still fails to provide an adequate solution, that's according to the famous Angry Bird producer who once went for Chrome but then settled for Flash:


Flash gives you the power of "cross-platform" when it comes to application creation, so if you ever have a thought to bring your audio application to browser, non-windows desktop or even mobile, Flash is an ideal choice. Flash is also designed for rich media, so some of the audio API has been proven, and I have seen beat box created by Flash back when it was Flash 6, and now we are at Flash 11.

If you consider php, C# or VB, keep in mind that audio application incurs a lot of data back and forth, so if it is a client-server application, you would have to be cautious of data passed back and forth, the bandwidth could be a killer for any user experience.

After all, if you know C#, and some JavaScript, Flash's ActionScript should not be hard because it is JavaScript with real OO notations like JScript.NET. As for Flash's API, well, no matter what framework you use, you need to learn that anyway.

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Thank you. Great feedback. –  arrogantprick Aug 7 '12 at 20:58

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