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I use the SQLite.NET ORM wrapper for SQLite on MonoTouch to create a database based on business objects. Works fine.

I wish to run the SQLite full text indexing command so that a full text virtual table is created. However the SQLite.Net ORM doesn't support that directly. Is there a way to create an index using other commands on MonoTouch?

The SQL to create a Full Text Index is just:

"Word" integer,
"Definition" TEXT 

insert into Term(Id,Word,Definition) 
  Select Id,Word,Definition from SomeOtherTable;

drop table SomeOtherTable;
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I believe that SQLite.NET does not supports creating full text indexes, but supports creating ordinary indexes.

Anyway, you could try to execute any custom SQL-code via:



public class LocalDatabase: SQLiteConnection
    public LocalDatabase (string path) : base(path)
        Execute("CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE \"MyTable\" USING FTS3 ...");
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