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I need to hide information when we ask user to verify it. For example re-entering the email address. I am asked to apply gaussian blur to achieve it. How could I achieve it in MVC3?

I am open to other options for hiding information too.


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If you are actually trying to "hide" information you should not use a simple display trick. If you are just trying to use a display trick I would suggest a retag to include CSS and eliminate MVC3. –  kingdango Aug 7 '12 at 20:50

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You can't. Your client is running on a different computer in a different geographical area, and you have no real control over what the client does. Even if you figured out a way to do it on one client, it doesn't mean all clients will do it. What's more, all it takes is a simple right click and view source to see the actual information.

What you need to do is replace the information with ** or similar after it has been posted.

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