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As fault is a cause of an error, is incorrect data type (e.g. causing overflow) considered a fault?

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Using the incorrect data type for a value is an error.

With your terminology, yes, that would be considered a fault.

Data types are important - they should be selected for by the expected values that system will produce.

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In a strongly typed language, the compiler doesn't allow you to compile code that has a type error. In contrast, dynamically typed languages may compile, but at run-time incorrect data type may result in incorrect/unwanted results. In some languages (eg. Java) an exception is thrown and if not handled the application is terminated.

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No compiler ever (except for ultra-safe research languages perhaps, but those probably won't have fixed size integers in the first place) would complain about using a 16 bit integer to count the number of bytes in an NTFS file. – delnan Aug 7 '12 at 20:37

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