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There's talk of this compressor script for blueprint css, where you can change the total number of pixels, or include fancy-type etc, but I've never figured out how to use it. All I can ever use is the vanilla version of Blueprint, and in this case, my site is only 900 px wide, so I can;t use Blueprint at all until I remake it for 900px format.

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Compass enables you to use Blueprint, YUI or 960 GS along with Sass. It also has support for custom Blueprint layouts. Please view the screencast to get a better idea of what Compass is.

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No, see, I don't want to use a different program, there is a lin e in grid .css If you need fewer or more columns, namespaces or semantic element names, use the compressor script (lib/compress.rb) Which I would use, but I don't know waht a .rb is, or how to use it or throw variables at it. –  Joseph Carrington Jul 26 '09 at 20:02
A .rb file is (mostly) a file containing a Ruby program. You should be able to execute lib/compress.rb file by: ruby lib/compress.rb and then pass command-line arguments to it. –  Alan Haggai Alavi Jul 26 '09 at 20:29

Okay, I figured it out. I wanted to change Grid.css to reflect my site width of 850px instead of 950px, as well as include the fancy type plugin. You can output custom css files from the command line by typing ruby lib/compress.rb like above, and passing it variables. however, if you want to include plugins, you have to create a YAML file with the new settings. Josh Clayton was nice enough to include a sample config YAML file, so I jsut changed that from:

  path: /path/to/my/project/stylesheets
  namespace: custom-namespace-1-
      - custom-ie.css
      - docs.css
      - my-print-styles.css
      - subfolder-of-stylesheets/sub_css.css
    column_count: 12
    column_width: 70
    gutter_width: 10
    - fancy-type
    - buttons
  path: /path/to/different/stylesheets
  namespace: different-namespace-
      - custom_screen.css
    "#footer, #header": ".span-24, div.span-24" 
    "#content": ".span-17, div.span-17, div.colborder" 
    "#extra-content": ".span-6, div.span-6" 
    "div#navigation": "div.span_24, .span-24" 
    "div.section, div.entry, .feeds": ".span-6 div.span-6" 
  path: /path/to/another/projects/styles

to something much simpler, this:

  path: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/MySite/
    column_count: 12
    column_width: 60
    gutter_width: 10
    - fancy-type
    - buttons

And then I run compress.rb -p MySite

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