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I am new to iphone world i want to ask a question: There is a contact button in my IOS app, all what i want to do is when user tap on that button it opens up my phone contacts , i chose any of the email of my friend from that contacts and then i send email to that address..

I want to achieve this functionality.

I have done its vice versa using messageUI framework. At their when you tap on email a + button appears and when you click on it a contact page open you chose the email address from there. I actually want this functionality on my contact button.

When i tap contacts my phone contacts load i select a contact from there and send email to it. I dont know how to do this in iphone.

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Have you looked at some apple documentation like this? Also would help if you posted sample code.

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Yes i have looked at it , but i dont want to create extra label or any UI i just load the email address from contact and open it in email sender view –  user1583015 Aug 7 '12 at 20:46
@user1583015 I'm not going to write the code for you, but in the delegate method displayPerson: an ABRecordRef is passed, where you can access array of email addresses as ABMultiValueRef emailMultiValue = ABRecordCopyValue(ref, kABPersonEmailProperty); NSArray *emailAddresses = [(NSArray *)ABMultiValueCopyArrayOfAllValues(emailMultiValue) autorelease]; CFRelease(emailMultiValue);. Bear in mind that there could be no email addresses or tens, so you will need to plan your UI for this. –  jonathanlking Aug 7 '12 at 21:01
Hmmm thankyou for your quick response. –  user1583015 Aug 7 '12 at 21:06

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