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I haven't done forms before in Zend framework. So I have my .phtml page which is setup correctly and working with my form. I have the controller file and mailer.php file which are all working fine. The form validates with javascript, sends an HTML email to the user. All of that is working fine. I usually get stuck on the easiest of things.

Below is a snapshot from my controller file, which is where the subject line is being set.

  $arrData = $this->_request->getPost();
  if (count($arrData) > 0) {
  $arrErrors = array();
  $objMailer = mymailer($arrData);
  $objMailer->setSubject('Subject Line');

That works fine, but I want to include a variable (or rather a $_POST field) in the subject line. I have done this many times with a standard PHP form with everything on the same page. I think my problem is that the .phtml page is posting form action to my public function in my controller file which then runs the mailer php script.

I have tried printing $arrData, nothing, to try and see if I can grab the $_POST field that I am wanting.

How can I grab the $_POST field from the original .phtml page? I think that is the issue here.

Thanks for any help, maybe I need to take a break and come back, that usually helps.

I was able to print out the array here: print_r ($objMailer);

 mymailer Object
[_strRecipient:mymailer:private] => 
[_strBcc:mymailer:private] => 
[_strSubject:mymailer:private] => 
[_strEmail:mymailer:private] => 
[_arrData:mymailer:private] => Array
        [full_name] => brian
        [invitee_name] => test
        [email] =>
        [captcha] => kqd2q9

[_arrAttachments:mymailer:private] => 
[_blnCaptcha:mymailer:private] => 1
[_arrErrors:mymailer:private] => Array


I am needing to grab the full_name field. How can I echo/print out just the full_name field?

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There are a few different ways to grab POST variables in the controller.

The basic way.

 $post = $this->_request->getPost()

I usually use this...

 $id = $this->_request->getParam('id', 0)

The getParam function will either return the value of $_POST['id']/$_GET['id'] or 0



If that doesn't work, do a var_dump on $arrData and show the results.

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