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Does anyone know how to get the following array, or data similar to it, for a given order in Magento? More specifically, I'm interested in the avsaddr, avszip, and cvv2match.

    [result] => 0 
    [pnref] => xxxx
    [respmsg] => Approved 
    [authcode] => 120632 
    [avsaddr] => N 
    [avszip] => Y 
    [cvv2match] => N 
    [hostcode] => 00 
    [procavs] => Z 
    [proccvv2] => N 
    [iavs] => N 
    [request_id] => xxx
    [result_code] => 0 

I'm using Payflow Pro (not Payflow Link) and we have AVS and CVV verifications enabled. They are being checked and flagged on Paypal's end.

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You may be able to get it in the Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Payment model. Looking at the sales_flat_order_payment table, I see cc_avs_status, which should give some information on the AVS response for the payment.

From the test payment data I'm looking at, that value is not populated, so it may vary based on what payment method you are using, whether it's storing that information.

Mage_Authorizenet_Model_Directpost does seem to set that value, judging by the _fillPaymentByResponse() method.

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cc_avs_status is always empty for our orders with Payflow PRO. After looking at some codes in /Mage/.../Paypal/Api, it looks like there are columns named 'cvv2_check_result` and avs_result somewhere.. I haven't been able to locate them, though. Is there a way to find certain columns by their names in the Magento DB? –  musicliftsme Aug 8 '12 at 21:25
Actually, I just found it in this table: sales_flat_order_payment. But our test orders got deleted, so I'll have to check again later.. –  musicliftsme Aug 8 '12 at 21:33

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