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I have a weird situation here:

when I go on my hg server and do a

sudo hg archive /project/export

It archives it, but in the hidden .hg_archival.txt file I see

branch: default
latesttag: null
latesttagdistance: 31

But the latest checkin was 33. Which seems ignored.

Previously I had to remove changeset 32

hg clone <old repo> <new repo> -r 31

And added later two new checkins...

Could this be the reason for the hickup? What can I do?


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You likely aren't updated to the tip. Run hg parent. hg archive will archive the current parent, so you are probably on local revision 31, not 33. After you cloned to 31 and pulled the new checkins, did you hg update?

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Thanks Mark, Yes I had done an update. In fact I can get rev 33 by pulling from my laptop. I ended up in deleting the repo directory on the server. Then create the directory and do a hg init. Then I simply pushed the code from laptop back to server. Everything is back incl. the history. Now I did the hg parent, as you suggested. And If try to archive is says abort: no working directory: please specify a revision. If I do hg archive --rev 33 it gives me what I need. But its hassle that I have to check what the latest rev is. How can I specify the top? – Houman Aug 8 '12 at 10:48
ahhh I had to do a hg update on the server as well now. Now I don't need to specify the --rev when doing an archive any longer. Very nice and its the tip now. Thanks for your help – Houman Aug 8 '12 at 11:02
You can also do hg archive tip. tip always represents the latest changeset. – Mark Tolonen Aug 8 '12 at 14:53

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