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Areas, in ASP.NET MVC, are handy for breaking a site into smaller, manageable components at a higher level than controllers. They are like mini-MVC pieces within a web application.

Is there an equivalent concept in any Java MVC framework to ASP.NET Areas?

If not, are there any suggestions on best practices when emulating their functionality in a Java MVC framework?

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See also list of other .NET <-> Java equivalencies. – David J. Liszewski Dec 6 '12 at 15:53

Try Spring MVC. This may be fulfill your wish.

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Look at JSP Tiles and Velocity Templates. Tiles should look similiar to Areas.

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Take a look on this Web Framework for java: playframework

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As such, Java EE does not provide an out of box solution based on MVC but there are many OpenSource projects that have created a solution which implement a MVC framework - try the latest Spring and Struts versions.

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