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Currently I have a single drupal site installed on apache 2.2 with php 5.3 on RHEL 6. I am moving servers and am trying to migrate the site. I have imported the database and htaccess, but I cannot access any of the pages other than the root of the site.

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Sounds like mod_rewrite isn't enabled. – ceejayoz Aug 7 '12 at 21:31

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You may need to disable clean URLs before exporting the database, try to add ?q= before each path.

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That happens when:

a) Apache mod_rewrite is not enabled. If you have root access then do sudo a2enmod rewrite


b) .htaccess file at the root folder isn't there, so you need to copy it again.

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Here's a troubleshoot check list for mod_rewrite issues:

  • Make sure Apache's rewrite module is enabled: sudo a2enmod rewrite.

  • Make sure original .htaccess file is there in the root of your Drupal installation.

  • Make sure that the existing .htaccess file is getting read by Apache. To test it, add a this line in the beginning of the file and you should get a 500 Internal Server Error: ThisIsReallyABadSyntax.

  • If the .htaccess file is not in effect, make sure that the AllowOverride directive in the main Apache config file (usually /etc/apache2/httpd.conf on debian-based distros) is set to All. It might be set to None by default.

  • Finally, make sure that the clean URLs feature is enabled in Drupal settings.

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