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I am having problems building a new Rails app.

When trying to run @invoice.total in the view, I get this error:

undefined method `*' for nil:NilClass

However, running @invoice.total works in the console. I have tried using HAML and/or ERB with the same problem.

The code which runs for @invoice.total is in the model and is below:

def items_total
  items_total = 0
  self.invoice_items.each do |i|
    items_total += i.price * i.quantity

# instead of copying this code all of the time
def vat_calc
  (1 + self.vat_rate / 100)

def discount_calc
  (1 - self.discount / 100)

# total times to add vat on top and remove discount
def total
  items_total * discount_calc * vat_calc

The invoice has vat_rate and discount set to 0 and each of the items (there are 3) have inc_vat as 1.

What's the problem?

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Are you using select in a controller action somewhere to limit the fields returned for your invoice items? That can cause the behavior you see where it works fine in a console but fails in the app. –  x1a4 Aug 7 '12 at 22:04

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Turns out I had @invoice_item = @invoice.invoice_items.new in the show area of the invoices controller instead of @invoice_item = InvoiceItem.new for the Invoice Item creation form.

It had been working though :/


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