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This program counts the length of a string by subtraca warning message


My stringLength function returns a size_t that is Is my mistake in the format specifier or how I return my value?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

size_t stringLength(const char *str);

int main(void) 

    return 0;

size_t stringLength(const char *str)
    const char *strCopy = str;

    while (*str)              

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The issue you're having is that operator-() returns a signed value, rather than unsigned. Because in your routine you know that the value will always be positive, you can add a cast to size_t and not worry about the sign being wrong.

return static_cast<size_t>(str - strCopy); //C++


return (size_t)(str - strCopy); //C
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