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I am looking to serve an image from my root path test.com/some.png but this markdown page may be displayed on [Post]test.com/Item or [Put]test.com/Item/123 So I am looking for a way to get the base URI to form the image link.

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You can use the literal text ~/ inside a Markdown page gets converted to a virtual path.

This literal is registered on start-up from the global EndpointHostConfig.MarkdownReplaceTokens property which is assigned the appHost.Config.WebHostUrl property:

this.MarkdownReplaceTokens["~/"] = appHost.Config.WebHostUrl.WithTrailingSlash();

Since it's difficult for an ASP.NET framework to determine the url its hosted at (i.e. without a request) you need to specify the preferred url you wan to use in your config. Here's an example from the servicestack.net/docs/ - ServiceStack's markdown Docs project:

SetConfig(new EndpointHostConfig {
    WebHostUrl = baseUrl,                          //replaces ~/ with Url
    MarkdownBaseType = typeof(CustomMarkdownPage), 

Otherwise inside your service you can use base.Request or base.RequestContext.Get<IHttpRequest>() to get information about the incoming Request as well as (HttpRequest)base.Request.OriginalRequest to get the underlying ASP.NET Request object.

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Looking at the code github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack/blob/master/src/… it looks like the ~/ replacement only happens in the template not the markdown page? This is what I currently see using ~/ in my *.md page is not replaced. –  Aaron Fischer Aug 8 '12 at 15:13

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