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Here's the relevant test:

require 'spec_helper'
describe "Posts pages" do
  subject { page }
  describe "edit" do
    let (:post) { Post.order('release_date desc').first }
    before do 
        visit posts_path
        within(:css, "div#post_#{}") { click_link "Edit" }
        save_and_open_page # has correct title

    it { should have_selector('title', "Editing #{post.title}" ) } # fails

The failure message:

1) Posts pages edit 
 Failure/Error: it { should have_selector('title', "Editing #{post.title}" ) }
   expected css "Editing unde inventore illo accusamus" to return something

However, when the page opens in my browser via save_and_open_page, the title is correct and it has opened the correct edit page. I double-checked for any typos in the template vs. the test, and it matches up.

So what am I missing?

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Try using the debugger and play with your data to determine if something is missing or incorrect. – Kevin Dickerson Aug 7 '12 at 23:36

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Your syntax for have_selector is wrong. Try this:

it { should have_selector('title', :text => "Editing #{post.title}" ) }
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Goodness. I had a feeling it was something simple. I really need to stop coding at the end of the day. Thanks! – David Nix Aug 8 '12 at 14:43

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