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trying to figure out why:

{{ page.excerpt | prepend:'<em>' | append:'</em>' | replace: ',' ,'</em> <em>' }}

turns this:

hashtag.1, hashtag.2, hashtag.3

into this:

<em>#LetsMove <em> #newark <em> #JJLA2012</em>


somehow the </em> is not passing through. 

the html tags seem to close themselves, sort of non-uniformly, so we keep ending up w/a mess of weird half-over-nested markup.

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Please post the exact declaration of excerpt and the surrounding markup where you are displaying it. Your code works for me so far. – manatwork Aug 8 '12 at 6:31

I think it is because your hashtags are an array, not a string.

The replace is never happening, instead are prepending to each hashitem.

Troubleshoot by using this:

{{ page.excerpt | replace: ',','foobar' }}

And see if foobar prints out at all. Are you sure your hashitems in page.excerpt?

Output filters go left to right, so in your example: prepend, append, replace. Or in this example

{{ output | filterA | filterB | filterC }}

the order would be

  1. filterA
  2. filterB
  3. filterC
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Try this:

{{ page.excerpt | array_to_sentence_string | prepend:'<em>' | append:'</em>' | replace: ',' ,'</em> <em>' }}
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