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I´m facing a problem with a NSTimeInterval value I´m getting with [NSDate timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate]. At the code below, the value curTime apparently changes when set in my object CannonSmoke property fireTime.

NSTimeInterval curTime = [NSDate timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate];
        NSLog(@"cannonSmoke allocated");
        CannonSmoke *mySmoke = [[CannonSmoke alloc]initWithPos:Vertex2DMake(0., 0.) fireTime:curTime];
        [cannonSmokeAnimList addObject:mySmoke];
        [mySmoke release];


2012-08-07 22:02:07.861 template[1125:707] cannonSmoke allocated
2012-08-07 22:02:07.863 template[1125:707] time:366080527.86
2012-08-07 22:02:07.866 template[1125:707] fireTime0:366080512.00

The difference int this case is 15.86s but it changes every time i run. The CannonSmoke class follows:


@interface CannonSmoke : NSObject{
    Vertex2D pos;
    NSTimeInterval   fireTime;
@property NSTimeInterval fireTime;


@implementation CannonSmoke
@synthesize fireTime;

I wonder what´s going on, why is this value changing when set to the property?

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How does your [[CannonSmoke alloc]initWithPos:Vertex2DMake(0., 0.) fireTime:curTime]; look like? What is the type of param for fireTime? –  Mert Aug 8 '12 at 14:10

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so I found out my silly mistake. my initWithPos:(Vertex2D) fireTime:(float) was set to take a float argument fireTime, thus I lost precision from a double to float conversion..

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