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I have a git repository root at /git

There are different depth of paths, such as:


How to I run git gc recursively in all repos inside /git?

I would prefer to use a shell script to iterate over the repositories: If that directory is not a valid git repository, do not run git gc.

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You could try something like:

find /git -name '*.git' -execdir sh -c 'cd {} && git gc' \;

This will find every directory matching *.git under /git, cd into it, and run git gc.

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Since find (version 4.1) from msysgit is too old, -execdir option is not supported.

We have to write a for loop instead.

for line in $(find /git -name '*.git'); do (cd $line && git gc); done
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On some systems (ie. OSX) the for loop treats spaces as delimiters, breaking directory names that contain spaces. Set IFS to only use linebreaks \n for this to work properly, and reset to default when done:

oldIFS=$IFS; IFS=$'\n'; for line in $(find /git -name '*.git'); do (echo $line; cd $line; git gc); done; IFS=$oldIFS
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