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In a makefile of

  1 SHELL=/bin/zsh
  2 CC=g++
  4 TARGET  = target/jj
  5 SOURCES = $(shell echo src/*.cpp)
  6 HEADERS = $(shell echo include/*.h)
  7 OBJECTS = $(SOURCES:.c=.o)
  8 FLAGS   = -Wall -c
 10 all: $(TARGET)
 12 # Create final executable from .o
 14   $(CC) $(OBJECTS)
 16 # Create .o from .cpp
 17 $(OBJECTS): $(SOURCES)              # <------------------------------
 18   $(CC) $(FLAGS) -c $(SOURCES)
 20 # Remove objects  
 21 clean:
 22   rm -rf $(OBJECTS)

So .. on line 17, $(OBJECTS) creation does depend on $(SOURCES) which are used in .o creation. Why does this line create a circular dependency? (Changing line to $(TARGET): instead, works fine)

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The problem is on line 7—your source files are .cpp files but you are using the substitution .c -> .o. Try changing that to .cpp.

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