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I've got a problem with the ThisOutlookSession module. While working on developing code to automatically export attachments from Outlook 2010, I was forced to delete the code I was working on. Basically, I got stuck making too many changes in an attempt to fix a snippet that wouldn't work and figured it would just be better to start over. In doing so, ThisOutlookSession was somehow deleted and replaced with "Module2". Now, I'm obviously not a VBA expert, what I was working on was pretty standard stuff. Every time I boot up VBA now, I get a warning saying that the program doesn't trust Module2.

Since ThisOutlookSession runs automatically, is it permanently gone or is there a way to restore it to default status? Also, I can get ThisOutlookSession back as a separate Class Module, but not the same type as it was previously.

I'm running Outlook 2010 w/VBA on an XP system.


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Copy the code you have and save it somewhere.

Search for VbaProject.OTM in a Windows folder. Rename it something like VbaProjectOld.OTM. Do not delete until you see this works.

Restart Outlook. VbaProject.OTM should be regenerated and you should get a new ThisOutlookSession. Paste the code you salvaged in the appropriate modules.

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It helps! thank you. –  黄小立 Feb 1 '13 at 7:08

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