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I have this html on a web page:

<select name="chapter_select" class="chapter_select">
<option value="">Chapter 1</option>
<option value="">Chapter 2</option>
<option value="">Chapter 3</option>
<option value="">Chapter 4</option>
<option value="">Chapter 5</option>
<option value="" selected="selected">Chapter 6</option>

And this variables:

getInformationsFromCurrentPage : function(doc, curUrl, callback) {
//This function runs in the DOM of the current consulted page
var curChapName = $("select.chapter_select:first option:selected", doc).text();
var chapurl = $("select.chapter_select:first option:selected", doc).val();
callback({"name": name, 
        "currentChapter": curChapName, 
        "currentMangaURL": nameurl, 
        "currentChapterURL": chapurl});

The problem is that both return the same text value. chapurl should return the url, not the text value. This was working until the website modified their site.

I know that I'm going to be pretty picky but this is the manual for the development of the extension and the doc variable is a must just look out for the getInformationsFromCurrentPage function. It's using the jQuery 1.4.2 so maybe its that, the weird thing is that other sites just work as it.

UPDATE: The server was using a script (rewriting the html) making me think that the dropdown list was on the top. I used some selectors to get the correct one following the source.

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I get the URL if I remove the doc object: – John Koerner Aug 8 '12 at 2:59

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Could always use a fallback and use attr. This way you can always gaurantee that you'll be getting the value.

var chapval = $("select.chapter_select:first option:selected").attr('value');

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I tried that, and unfortunately don't work, return the chapter name, like .val() – Braiam Aug 8 '12 at 3:32
@braiam If that doesn't work I guarantee you that you are either targeting the wrong drop-down list (another one occurs before the one you are targeting, so it's :first), or the server is rewriting your markup before it passes the html to the browser. Use a tool like firebug to inspect the <select> element and check the markup and/or post a jsfiddle with your full (relevant) html that reproduces the problem – nbrooks Aug 8 '12 at 3:39
@nbrooks The site rewrite the first select using a script and take the values from #page #content #assets #asset_1 and I was using #content #manga_nav_top, now its working. Thanks for pointing this out. – Braiam Aug 8 '12 at 4:18
var curChapName = $("select.chapter_select:first option:selected", doc).text();
var chapurl = $("select.chapter_select:first option:selected", doc).val();

this work so there must be something wrong with your doc variable, please inspect it

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that's is part of the function of the extension, if I delete it would return nothing – Braiam Aug 8 '12 at 3:05
var curChapName = $("select.chapter_select:first :selected").text()
var chapurl = $("select.chapter_select:first").val()
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