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I am trying to make sense of Observer design pattern as the main event dispatching DP. To me, observer DP is just a subset of pub-sub DP. These are the points I could list as the main differences between the two:

  • In observer DP, there is not much of message passing going on. Observers wait for a certain event to be triggered and the moment that event is triggered, the observer is notified. Pub-sub, on the other hand, relies heavily on message passing.
  • In observer DP, the observers know in advance what to expect upon notification received as opposed to pub-sub DP where anything could be published by publisher as a message (somehow another difference between event and message).
  • Observer is implemented between the boundaries of an application. Pub-sub is more cross app communication pattern.
  • An last but not least, in pub-sub DP, there is a publisher, broker, and subscriber. But observer DP, makes use of brokers, and subscribers (observers) only.

Is this list exhaustive or there are important points missing?

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You said it right on the third point: Publisher-subscriber is a network oriented architectural pattern and Observer is an object-event oriented pattern. They both are used at different Software levels. – davidmontoyago Aug 8 '12 at 14:30
Your point three is the most important, the Observer Pattern must be implemented within the same address space. The Observer and Subject are coupled. There is no such restriction for Publish-Subscribe which is coupled to a topic, a strong abstraction. – Martin Spamer Oct 8 '12 at 9:48