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I have 2 tables:

1) Categories: id, name.

2) News: id, category_id, title, body

After baking all these things, it prepares the interface by which I have to add a news by clicking Add News. After that I have to manually select the category.

I want to click on some category (view) and there's an option 'Add News to this Category', and from there it goes to an action with the category_id, so that user does not need to select the category because its coming from an URL which knows which category is being used.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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I found the solution.

First grab the category_id from URL:

$categoryId= $this->params['named']['category_id'];

Then on the form use hidden field:

echo $this->Form->hidden('category_id', array('default'=>$categoryId));
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