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I know there are some similar questions here but I am trying to get a specific value.

I am working on Flexslider http://www.woothemes.com/FlexSlider/ and trying to add some special functions to the slide that loses the "flex-active-slide" class. Based on the documentation, I have managed to insert my function before and after the slide animation.

// Callback API
start: function(){},
before: function(){ 
  $('li.image').someFunction(); //this is where I need to trigger this event only to the li.image that's losing the flex-active-slide class
after: function() {
  $('li.flex-active-slide').otherFunction(); //this is where the active class

I don't need to run the function for all the other li.image elements as you see in the example above, only for the one that looses the flex-active-slide class.

I would need to get this element and define it with a variable so I can correctly run the function only for the li.image, this also makes sense for performance optimization purposes.

I appreciate any help.

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The easier way is to edit your plugin file itself

open jquery.flexslider.js

find the following code

 active: function() {
          slider.controlNav.removeClass(namespace + "active").eq(slider.animatingTo).addClass(namespace + "active");

You can use slider.controlNav in this function for your work. slider.controlNav refers to the li element you find its child image using jQuery's .find

If it does not works you can find active-slide in this file and see wherever this class is removed, you can add your code in those places

UPDATE: the $('li.image').eq(slider.currentSlide) is the way to call the slide that loses the active class.

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I know this has to do with that but I don't understand how I can call that specific li right after it loses the active class. – thednp Aug 8 '12 at 4:53
in this active function the slider.controlNav refers to the li in other places slider.currentSlide refers to the li. You can write write var myLi= slider.currentSlide; //remove class code then myLi.your code roughly I can say myLi will be shortcut for $('li.flex-active-slide') after class removal – Imdad Aug 8 '12 at 4:57
$('li.image').eq(slider.currentSlide) this is how to get that slide, thanks so much. Your answer is best. I edited your answer to make easy for code seekers :) – thednp Aug 8 '12 at 5:40

I guess you could try something like this...

var somevar;

start: function(){},
before: function() {
    somevar = $('li.image.flex-active-slide');
after: function() {
    $.each(somevar, function( index, elem ) {
        if( !$(elem).hasClass('flex-active-slide')) ) {
            // Obviously it has lost the flex-active-slide class.

I doubt it is easily possible to determine before the plugin has actually done something whether an element is losing the said class without modifying the plugin itself. Therefore even the .someFunction() method you have there must be executed in the after callback.

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