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I would like to pass in a path variable --> param ([string]$w) into another parameter that store the path in power shell script. Then this power shell script is called using another batch file. I failed to pass in the $ which is the folder name that completes the full path . Please suggest me solution on this

$FilePath = "C:\Root\Main\Subfolder\param ([string]$w)\Table\" 
$FileExists = Test-Path $FilePath 

  If ($FileExists -eq $True) 
     { Get-ChildItem -path C:\Root\Main\Subfolder\param ([string]$w)\Table\ -Recurse -Filter *.sql |
      ` Sort-Object -Property DirectoryName -Desc | `
      Foreach-Object -Process {$_.FullName } |ForEach-Object {sqlcmd -i $_}

  Else {Write-Host "No file at this location"}

This is my batch file command line

 PowerShell.Exe -File C:\Users\AZ\Desktop\PowerShell\untitled7.ps1 "Payment"
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Try putting this at the top of your script:

                    HelpMessage='Set path variable')]
        [string] $w


param ([string]$w)



where it appears in your script.

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Hi @nimizen , Thanks a lot for your solution. It works perfectly. Have a nice day! – Henry_Cornell Aug 8 '12 at 9:35

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