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In C#, I'm using the DotNetZip I have a zip called "innerZip.zip" which contains some data, and another zip called "outerZip.zip" which contains the innerZip. why am i doing it like this ? well, when setting the password, the password actually applies to individual entries that are added to the archive and not the whole archive, by using this inner/outer combo, I could set a pass to the whole inner zip because it's an entry of the outer one.

Problem is, well, code speaks better than normal words:

ZipFile outerZip = ZipFile.Read("outerZip.zip");
outerZip.Password = "VeXe";
Stream innerStream = outerZip["innerZip.zip"].OpenReader();
ZipFile innerZip = ZipFile.Read(innerStream); // I'm getting the exception here.

why am I getting that exception ? the inner file is a zip file, so i shouldn't be getting that exception right ? is there a way to get around this or I just have to extract the inner one from the outer, and then access it ?

Thanx in advance ..

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