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I am using nagelfar tool to get code coverage of a Tcl code (which bundled into a executable (its exe on Windows and bin on Linux) using starkit and tclkit). I instrumented the Tcl code and build an executable using starkit and tclkit. When I run this binary it works properly but i dont get the filename_log file that nagelfar generates.

Can somebody tell how do i get that log file?

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The nagelfar tool have no such option , at least it is not exists in nagelfar help or in description on project's home page

Might be you can use -html flag:

-html             : Generate html-output.
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The -html flag was introduced for my favorite Tcl paste site paste.tclhelp.net. It contains some output (e.g. expr without braces) that links to a topic on that site's forums. –  Johannes Kuhn Feb 25 '13 at 11:37
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