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I have following Category table as below and I have use Entity framework model first:

ID => int , primary key , unique
CategoryName => varchar(50)
ParentCategoryID => int

I have applied unique constraint for two column categoryName and ParentCategoryID by executing following query:

ADD CONSTRAINT UQ_YourTable_ConstraintName UNIQUE(CategoryName, ParentCategoryID)

Here, what I want is that to validate the input if the commbine form of categoryName and ParentCategoryID is unique using dataannotation. So, I have created the partial class for category as:

    public partial class Category{

    public class TestEntityValidation{
       //............ data annotation
        public string CategoryName{ get; set; }

       //............ data annotation
        public string ParentCategoryID { get; set; }

what could be code for data annotation so that Combination of CategoryName and ParentCategoryID is always unique and show error if duplicate data is entered by user.

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I dont think you can do this using Data Annotation, but here is what you could do

public ActionResult Validate(SomeModel model)
 // check for this condition with db using the 'model'

  ViewBag.Message = "Not Unique";
  return View("NameOfTheView");

 // else
 do the normal stuff

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